H. - Missouri City, Texas

I am most certainly an advocate of ABA as it has given my child a chance at a “normal” life and that is the best gift any parent can give their child.

When my little boy was 16 months old, we were given some of the worst news that any parents can be given……that there was something wrong with our first born child (and baby number two was less than 2 months away from arriving).  We had numerous evaluations completed and all indicated ASD, Autistic Spectrum Disorder with moderate to severe mental retardation.  At such a young age they prefer to not say Autism and call it PDD-NOS, however we were told that his delays in all of the categories they test for indicated classic autism and they recommended an aggressive intervention approach to help receive the best outcome for his future.  We researched all of the various treatments/ therapies for autism and concluded that ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) was the way to go for our son.

 We started him with the suggested 10 hours/week to allow him to adjust to the changes in his life and then progressively added more hours until we were at the recommended 40 hours/ week for our son.  The changes were rough on him at first.  All of the new demands being placed on him to block his self-stimulatory behaviors, helping him learn that language had meaning and wasn’t just white noise but that we use it to communicate, teaching appropriate toy play instead of just allowing him to tip everything upside and spin away, teaching how to have human interactions with eye contact, etc…this all took a toll on him and us as his parents.  However, I knew in my heart that these changes would be hard at first but that in long run it would all be for the best for my son.  If he wanted a shot at a normal life, I had to stick with it and allow him to work through this process of change.  I listened to the therapists on how they coached me to work with my child so that when the therapists were gone, he could still thrive and continue to stay on track.  I took a very active role in my child’s progress and development.

 I couldn’t be more pleased at my little guy and how he has turned out as a direct result of ABA therapy and the leadership of Claudio Rodriguez all of these years.  He is currently in first grade and is enrolled as a “typical” student, in fact, nobody has ever even been told of his delays growing up.  Actually, just a few weeks ago his first grade teacher actually asked me if I had ever considered my child to be GT- Gifted and Talented!  I had to keep my enthusiasm in check when she asked me that….saved my tears for the parking lot after the teacher conference, because if she only knew that when my boy was not quite two years old, I was told he was mentally retarded!  They have now moved him into the GT class for reading and some other subjects.

 I am such a proud Mommy and forever grateful to ABA and the knowledge and leadership of Claudio Rodriguez who has lead the team to help with my child’s awesome accomplishments and successes over the years.   



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H. - Missouri City, Texas

I am most certainly an advocate of ABA as it has given my child a chance at a “normal” life and that is the best gift any parent can give their child.


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