Learning To Function

At School.

Children with autism may have difficulty benefiting from a school environment due to behavioral, social, and communication issues. When a client attends private school, we may be able to provide services to address behavioral, social, and communication issues in that setting. Provision of services in that setting is contingent upon our determination that it is an appropriate school setting for the child as well as school and insurance company approval.

Teacher helping child

Support for Client Attendance at Public Schools

Although public schools do not allow ABA therapists to attend school with their clients, we can support your child in the public school setting. Our staff can participate in IEP meetings, help with behavioral goals, and even train school staff; if the school is receptive. Our involvement in public school settings is on a case-by-case basis and based upon discussions with the child’s family regarding needs as well as an assessment of the areas in which we can provide additional assistance. Our involvement may also be affected by your child’s insurance coverage.

Fact #9

We provide a variety of stimulation and activities to promote progress: Dedicated team members, variety in sessions, and rotations throughout the week.

Steps to Progress Has You Covered

We work with these providers and help you through the insurance intake process. For more information, please click here.

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